Development of a Maritime Enterprise Development Business Incubation Strategy

Invitation to Bid

Strategy Formulation for Maritime Enterprise Development and Incubation

Tender Overview

Tender Reference: RFQ4390/20/11/2023/FS
Industry: Research, Consultancy and Professional Services
Deadline: Monday, December 4, 2023 – 12:00
Release Date: Monday, November 20, 2023 – 16:30
Applicable Regions: Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, North West, Northern Cape, Western Cape, Mpumalanga, Free State

Detailed Tender Information

An opportunity has arisen for skilled entities to develop a robust Maritime Enterprise Development Business Incubation Strategy aimed at invigorating the local maritime sector. The initiative is backed up by the respected SOUTH AFRICAN INTERNATIONAL MARITIME INSTITUTE (SAIMI).

1. Introduction

SAIMI invites proficient service providers to craft a proposal that will detail the development of a strategy poised to enrich and sustain Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) within South Africa’s burgeoning Maritime industry.

2. Background

The nexus of this tender originates from SAIMI’s dedication, which was founded through a partnership between the Department of Higher Education and Training and the South African Maritime Safety Authority, to foster maritime skills and research collaboration worldwide. SAIMI’s strategic vision aims to bolster SMME participation within the maritime economic sector, catalyzing economic growth, job creation, and broad-scale entrepreneurial engagement.


The enterprise’s ultimate end goal is to instigate a paradigm shift by:

  • Fortifying the capacity and longevity of SMMEs in the Maritime sector.
  • Identifying viable enterprises within the established maritime value-chain.
  • Stimulating sector growth and socio-economic transformation.
  • Fostering an environment conducive to skills development and transfer.
  • Building capability through mentorship, coaching, and strategies to enhance SMME profit margins.

Note: The findings from preliminary reports will be exclusive to the successful bidder and are subject to confidentiality prior to public release.

4. Scope and Deliverables

The selected party will be entrusted with significant responsibilities including, but not limited to:

  1. Participation in an introductory meeting with SAIMI to establish a clear implementation pathway, standardize strategic guidelines, and set project timelines. An inception document summarizing this initial engagement will need to be provided.
  2. Thorough review and assessment of pre-existing studies, framing a strategy that addresses identified gaps in training, market access, and financial acquisition.
  3. Implementation of a consultative process with stakeholders, culminating in a workshop geared towards solidifying a strategic direction for the business incubation strategy.

Engaging parties may proceed with their bids by adhering to the tender number: RFQ4390/20/11/2023/FS with submissions due by December 4, 2023, at 12 noon.


Maritime Enterprise Business Incubation Strategy and Implementation Plan Tender Notice

Attention all interested service providers! A distinguished opportunity beckons in the maritime sector provided by SAIMI. SAIMI is seeking an adept service provider capable of crafting a comprehensive Maritime Enterprise Business Incubation Strategy and Implementation Plan. This plan is crucial for nurturing the incubation programme and should discuss vital aspects including market analysis, services repertoire, target clientele, sustainability models, structural organization, and key plans for market outreach and fiscal management. Additional imperative factors such as monitoring and evaluation methods must be elucidated, with corresponding performance metrics and their respective assessment techniques concisely outlined.

Tender Submission and Review Process

An initial review of the proposed Strategic Plan alongside the Implementation Plan will be undertaken by SAIMI with the chosen service provider. Post-evaluation feedback will necessitate modifications leading to a revised draft. After a review of the secondary draft, minimal amendments might be requested. The final acceptance of the document is at the discretion of SAIMI.

Standard Conditions of Tender – Key Information

Despite SAIMI’s physical location at the Ocean Sciences Campus of Nelson Mandela University, it holds a distinct identity, separate from NMU, with a broad national mandate. SAIMI maintains a unique corporate identity, inclusive of a separate web domain and social media presence as can be seen on their site

The procurement for this tender will navigate through the university’s system, with the final appointment decision resting with SAIMI. The successful bidder will enter into an agreement with the university, acting on behalf of SAIMI, and all related payments are to be processed by the university. The service provider, in turn, directly engages with SAIMI management.

Submission Details

Enquiries Contact Ms Fikiswa Sifanele
Email [email protected]
Submission Email [email protected]
Subject Line RFP4390/20/11/2023/FS
Attachment Download PDF – Maritime Incubation Strategy

Note: Late submissions will be non-responsive and will not be considered. Electronic submissions are mandatory and no facsimile will be accepted. Confidentiality is assured for all proposals received.

For more comprehensive details, please refer to the attached document.